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Why is Argos the best mechanical watch brand? What separates us?

by Argos Watches India 27 May 2024

For centuries, watches have evolved beyond timekeeping. A whole industry has developed around watches. Watch enthusiasts all over the world have played a significant role in it. Be it an elegant pocket watch or an automatic, these intricate timepieces hold a special place in our lives. But with a vast sea of watch brands out there, how do you find the perfect mechanical timepiece?

But why get a mechanical watch in the first place?

Unlike battery-powered watches, mechanical watches are more complex machines. Mechanical watches have complex gears and cogs working inside for the timekeeping process. Owning a mechanical watch is more than just an accessory purchase. It's an investment, a connection and a commitment to something timeless. A mechanical watch is a reminder of the beauty of human creation.

And why get an Argos over everything else.

At Argos Watch, we understand mechanical watches at the core. We want to share your passion for mechanical watches and deliver a top-notch experience to every watch enthusiast. Argos is not your regular brand making hundreds of watches, that lack innovation. We're a team of passionate watchmakers dedicated to creating watches at exceptional prices. Our watches are for true watch enthusiasts, like you. Our vision is simple, to offer the perfect blend of design, cutting-edge tech, and unmatched value in every watch.

What Sets Argos Apart?

Multiple factors are involved in making Argos a unique choice:

Our Commitment to Quality

We don't compromise on quality. We use the finest materials and top-notch manufacturing to ensure Argos watches are built to last. From stainless-steel cases to scratch-resistant sapphire coatings, our focus is on quality, not Branding and charging for cheap watches.

We Focus on Value

We believe luxury shouldn't come at a price. All Argos watches are premium products. Automatic movements and sapphire coatings at a price point that won't break the bank. You get exceptional value without sacrificing quality or style.
We value the rich heritage of watchmaking while embracing the possibilities of innovation. Our design inspiration is classic aesthetics, incorporating modern features and materials. Our aim is to create watches that always stand out from the crowd.

A Lifetime of Confidence

A testament to our confidence in our watchmaking processes, we offer a lifetime warranty on every watch. This industry-leading guarantee ensures peace of mind. Our commitment is to creating quality pieces that you can cherish for generations.

Our Vision

Our aim is to deliver watches directly to our customers, eliminating the need of middlemen. Which usually results in driving the watch prices tenfold. Our watches will focus on serving new buyers as well as seasoned enthusiasts. We want to deliver high-quality watches at exceptional prices.

Here’s what you get when you get an Argos:

Let's dive into features that make an Argos watches truly stand out:

Straps for Every Style

Your watch should reflect your personality. Argos offers a variety of strap options to suit your unique style and lifestyle. Be it premium Italian suede leathers for formal events or highly durable stainless-steel bracelets for everyday challenges. Every strap is compatible with every watch for an unmatched style always.

Dials with Character

The dial is the first thing you notice in a watch. Argos dials are crafted with attention to detail. We offer dials in classic colors like blue and black for timeless elegance. Or, if you crave something extraordinary, our bright pastel dials add a touch of youthfulness to the watch.

Automatic Movements

The heart of any mechanical watch is the movement. It speaks of its accuracy and reliability. Our latest Apollo III watches feature automatic movements, eliminating the need for manual winding. The latest Apollo III comes with an in-house 2706 Automatics, Single Seconds Movement with 21600 BPH for impeccable accuracy. Wear your watch and forget it. The rotor harnesses energy from your daily movements to keep it powered.

Crystal Clarity

Protecting the dial is the crystal, a crucial element for durability. Argos watches use a sapphire coating for the dial. Not only does it keep the cost in check, but it is the most scratch-resistant material besides diamonds. Ensuring your watch retains its pristine look for years to come.

Ready for Anything

A watch must be ready for anything that life has to throw on it. Argos watches offer water resistance up to 30 meters. You can wear them with confidence in various environments be it rain or not.

Lifetime Warranty

Unlike most brands, we offer an unmatched lifetime warranty on the movement of every watch. This industry-leading move signifies our faith in quality and craftsmanship. It's a promise that your Argos watch will be a companion for years to come.
We believe that owning a watch is an experience, not a mere purchase. Argos watches are designed to handle everyday life and much more. They're conversation starters, treasured possessions, and symbols of your personal style.

Join the Argos Movement

We invite you to explore the world of Argos watches. Visit our website to discover our watch collection. With Argos comes a lifetime of memories you'll be making with your watch. The community of watch enthusiasts will only grow from here and our goal is to serve it. We are here to make watches that continue this legacy of mechanical watches for generations to come.
The journey to finding your perfect watch starts here. Welcome to Argos Watches.
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