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How do mechanical watches work?

by Argos Watches India 13 May 2024

A good-looking watch can make a night and day's difference in a person's attire. In today's digital world, one simply cannot resist the charm of a classic mechanical watch. It stands apart from dozens of smartwatches that basically look the same. Owners don't like to call them watches but some fitness accessories with a spec-sheet! That’s where mechanical watches come in, with their complex workings and irresistible charms. A mechanical watch is more than what meets the eye! From its material to its mechanism, everything is special. Watch enthusiasts can go on and on about their favourite watches.

Contrary to smartwatches dominating headlines, mechanical watches are regaining their popularity.

The other categories of watches include:

Hand-winding, Automatics and Quartz.

Starting with Hand-winding mechanical watches they are quite interesting; they never require batteries but periodic hand-winding to operate. Their accuracy is also decent. They are super reliable and just plain cool to look at. Secondly, we have automatics. They are much simpler, don't require much effort and simply use energy from the movement of your wrists. Automatics are also mechanical they just don’t require any manual winding.
Last but not least, quartz watches are the most affordable of the three. They use electronic circuits regulated by quartz crystal and batteries that can last 2 to 3 years. 

Let's talk about the most interesting type of watch: The Mechanical Watch

For centuries mechanical watches have been considered a symbol of sophistication and fine engineering. Their legacy market goes back to centuries. Multiple brands have passed down the art of making a watch for generations. A good mechanical watch is nothing short of a modern-day marvel with fine gears and craftsmanship. Mechanical watches can further be classified into 2 categories. Automatics and Hand-Winding Watches.
As the name suggests on automatic watches there is a rotor in the mechanism that winds the mechanism from wrist movements. It is a more convenient and easier recommendation for most buyers. In manual mechanical watches, the winding has to be done manually by the owner.

automatic watches


But let's see how a mechanical watch actually works:

Mechanical watches rely on winding! Turning the crown stores energy in a coiled spring (the mainspring). This energy is slowly released through gears and springs, keeping the watch ticking.
Automatic watches work similarly but with a twist. They have a small weight (rotor) that spins with your arm movements. This spinning rewinds the mainspring, keeping the watch powered without needing you to turn the crown.

Let's talk about what keeps a mechanical watch running:


The wearer turns the wheel at the side of the watch to wind it and provide power.


Winding the crown transfers mechanical energy into the coiled mainspring. The tighter the spring is wound, the more elastic potential energy it stores, allowing the watch to run for a longer duration.

Gear Train:

As the mainspring slowly unwinds, the stored energy is released through the intricate series of gears, and into the escapement.


The escapement controls the release of energy, ensuring it is metered out in precise increments. The distinctive ticking sound a watch makes is the escapement.

Balance wheel:

The balance wheel is the heart of a watch and allows the movement to keep regular time. The oscillations of the balance wheel require skilful adjustment in order for the watch to run accurately.

Dial Train:

The gears within the dial train transmit the regulated energy from the balance wheel to the watch hands. This causes the hands to move at the right intervals to keep the time.
You can identify a mechanical watch by its signature sweeping sound reminder of all the complex engineering working inside.

Sounds intriguing, right?

Now that we know all about mechanical watches, you must be thinking of getting one! We at Argos Watches believe in delivering the most premium experience of a mechanical watch to our customers. We believe in encouraging the sentiment of owning a premium watch that doesn't drain your wallet like crazy. Beyond practicality, there's a certain kind of fascination associated with a mechanical watch. In our design language, the watches are built with 100% attention to detail. A balanced mix of form & function!

Why Argos Watches?

We combine classic good looks with top-notch materials to create timepieces that are as much a conversation starter as they are stylish accessories. Forget boring digital displays! An Argos watch lets you experience the satisfying sweep of a second. It's a constant reminder of the intricate gears and craftsmanship hidden beneath the beautiful design.


More Than Just Tells Time

If you're looking for a watch that reflects your personality and values, look no further than Argos. We offer a range of styles and features to suit every taste, all crafted with the same dedication to quality and timeless design.

Explore the collection here and wear it in good health.


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